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    Before and After School Activities

    Seattle Music Partners (SMP) at Madrona Tuesday & Thurs afternoons

    Nadia and Nyal
    Nadia & Nyal
    Meet Nadia and Nyal!

    Nadia is a fifth grader at Madrona K-8 and Nyal attends Roosevelt High School. Here are their answers to some questions:

    Why did you choose to play the trombone? 

    I chose it because I wanted to play something different from the rest of my family. That way no one can tell me "no it's this note, no it's that note," because they all play the clarinet and the piano.

    : At first I started playing the trombone because that's what my mom wanted. Then in 6th grade I started listening to professional trombone players, and they made it feel right! 

    Why did you join SMP?

    When I first started playing, everyone was really far ahead of me and I needed help. I've always heard, "give back, give back to your society" and I thought this would be a really good way to do it.

    What have you learned from Nyal so far this year?

    I've learned not to puff out my cheeks, to keep my chin down, and how to take good breaths.